Ismat NathaniIsmat Nathani (Dhala), as the Director and Founder of Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH), her contribution to the Canadian community has been remarkable. Her passion for Ayurveda, Yoga and natural medicine has motivated her to bring Indian Medicine to the forefront of the Canadian Natural Health Industry. She leads the team of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors, Yoga practitioners & philosophers and teachers at CAISH.

Ismat’s vision of starting an educational institute for Traditional East Indian Medicine as whole stemmed out from the need of preserving and presenting this form of knowledge in its most authentic and un-segmented form. The practice of Traditional East Indian Medicine is so much a part of the Indian culture and heritage that the quest of its authenticity and presentation in a particular fashion is not needed. However, outside India this is definitely a challenge rather important to practice & preach in a way that we do not lose the essence of such an ancient system of healing.

Ismat Nathani (Dhala) was born and trained in India and qualified as Bachelor of Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences. She pursued her post graduation studies MSC in Complementary Medicine from University of West minister and University of Bristol in the UK. She has other professional qualification as Nutritionist, Yoga therapist & Energy Healer. Ismat at a very young age of 16 got initiated by her master Lajpatrai Mehra to study the ancient art and science of Nadis that lead her to academic studies and become a health care professional. She introduced Neurotherapy “Nadi Vigyan” to the west.

Ismat Nathani has more than 20 years of experience as a health practitioner, an academician, an international speaker, a healer and a researcher in Neurotherapy “Nadi Vigya”. She has held key positions in organizations in India, UK and Canada such as Assistant Dean at Dr. Mehra’s Neurotherapy Hospital in India and Consultant at Europe Leading Hale Clinic in UK. Ismat, recipient of many prominent awards, is professionally associated or has worked with the top leaders in the health care profession.

Dr. Issac Mathai – M.D. (HOM.), M.R.C.H (LOND.), Chairman, Managing & Medical Director of Soukya, India

Dr. Rajendra Sharma, Founder/ Medical Director of the Diagnostic Clinic, UK

Robert Edwin Svoboda BS, BAMS – an American author and Ayurvedic doctor

Dr. Rosy Daniel, Founder and Medical Director of Health Creation, UK

Vasant Lad, M.A.Sc. Founder and Executive Director of the Ayurvedc Institute, USA

Ismat Nathani (Dhala) has been featured number of times on television and in newspapers in Britain, Canada and various other countries. She has been teaching in Canada, UK & India the principles & practices of East Indian Medicine, drawing from her vast knowledge and experience. She shares her aspect of mind-body-spirit integration, health & hygiene, food & nutritional understanding through Ayurveda, Yoga & Indian Naturopathy (prakruti chikitsa).

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