Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH) Education & Wellness Centre has been set up to promote East Indian Medicine through Ayurveda based Practitioner programs in Canada.  CAISH is the first organization of its kind in North America to offer various modalities of Indian Herbal Medicine and is accredited by the International Federation of Neurotherapy (IFN) and its partners.

CAISH aims to provide the highest level of training and support to all students. Our teachers have a high-calibre background in Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian Naturopathy, and Nadi Vigyan. They have trained in India and Canada.


CAISH is registered as a Canadian Federal (NFP Act) not-for-profit Premiere Centre for Ayurvedic studies in Canada, providing an authentic source of education in the Indian Medical tradition. Our studies are offered in a holistic and inclusive environment, geared to the support and development of all of its members in the community.

Our combined classroom and hands-on training encompass ancient as well as contemporary and innovative approaches to Indian Medicine that include Ayurveda, Yoga and Nadi-Marma Vigyan [Ayurvedic Neurotherapy]. They are integrative and effective, all provided within a supportive and inspiring environment.

CAISH practices the benchmark educational standards set by WHO (World Health Organization) and AYUSH, and delivers high standards of education to meet the licensing requirements in Canada and the United States.

Students interested in applying are encouraged to meet with the school registrar to discuss their specific needs, interests and objectives.


Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH), offers equal opportunity to all persons regardless of race, religion, color, gender, marital status, age and physical handicaps in all matters of the institution.

Admission and selection of the candidates are based on their aptitude and level of interest, previous training/education, and work experience.

Admission is limited to a maximum of 12 students per program and candidates are responded to on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Candidates applying for admission to any of the courses offered must have the following as pre-requisites: [nz_il type=”square” icon=”icon-checkmark” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#AA1E22″ ]

  • Two or more years of higher secondary education.
  • Deep interest in learning this ancient Indian System of Medicine – Vedic & Yogic approach
  • Proficiency in English
  • A letter of reference (academic, work or volunteer position)



Applicants must submit the following before acceptance. [nz_il type=”square” icon=”icon-checkmark” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#AA1E22″ ]

  • Completed CAISH Application Form.
  • Or, completed New Earth College Application Form if applying to any of the Natural Medicine Programs [PPNM 1 or 2]
  • Two recent passport sized photographs
  • Add all transcripts from secondary and post-secondary education
  • Application fee of $100 plus applicable tax (non-refundable)
  • One copy of current resume
  • Any other certificates, memberships or insurance coverage that is relevant to training in health or wellness.

Submit this as a package to the CAISH registrar or email at with a subject line Registration Package for (the Program name your are enrolling for). Afterwards CAISH will schedule time for an interview.

[/nz_il] Contact: School Manager Nahid Ameen at regarding any admission questions.



Candidates with a complete application form meeting the requirements of the Institute, will be invited for an interview before being accepted into the program. The admissions committee’s decision will be communicated to the applicant via letter or telephone.



Students previously enrolled in another acceptable institution of Alternative Medicine may apply for admission with advanced standing.  Such applicants must arrange for submission of transcripts and records to CAISH.  It is also the responsibility of the student to provide course description(s). The Admissions Committee will determine the level of placement in the curriculum of the accepted transfer student.

Doctors, nurses, chiropractors and other health professionals will be given advanced standing based on evaluation of their previous achievements.



[nz_il type=”square” icon=”icon-checkmark” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#AA1E22″ ]


  • All tuition fees are payable in full at the initial registration, or up to two weeks prior to the start of the semester(s).
  • Any outstanding tuition dues, with approval of the registrar, may be paid per month on a selected due date.
  • Any student in an ongoing program not able to pay full fees at the time of registration may be allowed to pay by installments.  First installment must be 50% of the tuition fees followed by two further (25%) installments.  Students must seek Registrar’s approval for this option.
  • The tuition and other fees are payable in cash, cheque, PayPal (using credit card), e-transfer or money order.  Cheques with insufficient funds will be charged $30.00 (for N.S.F. fees) plus interest as applicable. Paypal or credit card payments will incur an additional 4% fee of the total program cost.
  • The tuition fees for CAISH programs are annually reviewed and are adjusted to meet the program’s growth, needs, inflation, etc.



Withdrawals:  Request for withdrawal must be addressed to the Registrar in writing. The official date of withdrawal will be the date the Registrar receives the notification. ONLY THE TUITION FEE WILL BE REFUNDED. No refund will be given once the course has begun.  (Only transfer to another course or semester will be granted.)



Tuition fees are excluding applicable taxes, & material fees such as books, oils, food, herbs etc. Check Programs and Workshops to see applicable tuition fee for various courses.



The tuition and other fees are payable in cash, cheque, PayPal (using credit card), e-transfer or money order.  Cheques with insufficient funds will be charged $30.00 (for N.S.F. fees) plus interest as applicable. Paypal or credit card payments will incur an additional 4% fee of the total program cost.

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