Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner

Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner

Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner is the highest level of Ayurvedic program that CAISH is offering at this time. Part of the training will take place in India with a CAISH affiliated Ayurvedic University.

  • The students will be trained in all aspects of clinical assessments Roga nidan and vikriti vigyana (diagnostics and pathology
  • Advanced training in Kayachikitsa (general medicine)with specialized care/treatment of diseases
  • Advanced Dravya guna (ayurvedic pharmacology) with herb-drug interaction and herbal preparations for conditions with its associated symptoms will be the focus of this program.

Prerequisite: Ayurvedic Self & Community Care [ASCC], Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor [AWC], Advanced Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor [AAWC], Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist (APT), Principles and Practices of Natural Medicine (PPNM). Practitioners with RLMP designation or 1500 equivalent study hours completed with a recognized institution in Canada.

Tuition: $6,950 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Duration of the Program: 7 to 8 months, depending on stat holidays etc. Alternate weekend classes.

Hours of Study Breakdown: 550 Total Hours of which 240 are in class hours, 160 hours are independent clinical practice and 150 are home study/reading for exam and clinical practices.

Application Process: Please click on Apply Now from the Status column below and download the application form. Attach all documents required with the application form and email us at admin@caish.ca or call us at 416 233 2049 to speak with our School Manager, Nahid Ameen.

Scope of Practice: CAISH will guide students to acquire liability insurance as well as discuss the scope of practice in detail during class.

What’s Next?: Students who are awarded the Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner (ACP) certification can apply for Ayurvedic Nadi Vigyan program. They also must complete Advanced Principles and Practices of Natural Medicine (APPNM) in order to obtain licensing through EBNMP Canada to practice professionally (private clinics etc.).

Total Hours Faculty Certification Dates Status
550 Hours
with Clinical Practice
Case Studies
Ismat Nathani, MSc, DNM
Bhavna Mehta, BAMS India, RNP
Certified as an
Ayurvedic Clinical
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