Graduate Clinic

The CAISH Graduate Clinic is a great opportunity for recent graduates to continue practice after completing their program with CAISH. This is a great opportunity for those who are seeking their first Ayurvedic assessment to try the graduates of Ayurveda at a reasonable cost.

This is also a wonderful experience for new practitioners as they hone their Ayurvedic counseling skills by conducting Ayurvedic consultations in a professional clinic. All Graduate Practitioners work to ensure accuracy in assessment and development of recommendations.

This program allows CAISH to offer clients moderately priced consultations by CAISH qualified graduates. They will assess your health condition, recommend diet, lifestyle, herbal support and Ayurvedic treatments.

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  • Consultations fees: $75 CAD
  • Follow-up fees: $55 CAD

Therapies: Please call to consult and explore fee options for various treatments. Therapies are recommended after initial or follow up Consultations. Learn the “do’s” and “don’t’s” for all the therapies offered at CAISH by graduates or professionals. This information will be provided by your practitioner.

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