Principles and Practices of Natural Medicine 1

Course Description: This program will include Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology as well as general guidance to natural medicine, nutrition, energy healing, psychotherapy, counseling skills, legalities and practice management.

Prerequisite: High School or pre-university or individuals from any other natural medicine field. Note that having a previous background in Anatomy and Physiology will assist in better learning but not required.

Tuition: $4,500 CAD plus applicable. Additionally there is an enrollment fee.

Duration of  the Program:  Six to seven months. One weekday class.

 Hours of Study Breakdown: 500 Hours.

Application Process: Please click on Apply Now from the Status column below and download the application form. Attach all documents required with the application form and email us at or call us at 416 233 2049 to speak with our School Manager, Nahid Ameen.

Scope of Practice: Knowledge gained in this program can be applied towards private practice in assisting clients with dietary changes, supplements and therapies.


Total Hours Faculty Certification Dates Status
500 Hours Dr. June Kelly Natural Medicine
Science Certificate
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