Ayurvedic Neorotherapy or Nadi Vigyan Level 1

Course Description: “NadiMardanKriya” is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy and complete system of healing. This experiential course incorporates mechanical, psychological, metaphysical, and biochemical components of healing through the study of the marmas, the pulse, the nabhi, the nadis and the srotas. It discovers the root cause of the dis-ease and treats it in an integrated manner.

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  • Students will learn how to activate or deactivate the organ(s) through pressure, oil application and other elemental techniques on the nerve channels in order to stimulate or depress the blood, lymphatic channels and the nerve currents and restore the balance and harmony of the body.
  • A total natural healing therapy that is taught through the marma mapping system that integrates with nerves, muscles, joints, blood and lymphatic channels.

PrerequisiteAnatomy and Physiology beyond the secondary school, Ayurvedic Self & Community Care [ASCC] and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor [AWC].

Tuition: $3,500CAD plus applicable taxes.

Duration of the Program: 5-6 months, depending on stat holidays etc. Alternative weekend classes.

Hours of Study Breakdown: 150 Total Hours and 10 case studies to be completed.

Application Process: Please click on Apply Now from the Status column below and download the application form. Attach all documents required with the application form and email us at admin@caish.ca or call us at 416 233 2049 to speak with our student registrar NahidAmeen.

Scope of Practice: Graduates will be able use this knowledge to do assessments and treatments specific to Neuropathy.

What’s Next?: Students who are awarded for Ayurvedic NadiVigyan program can also apply for Ayurvedic Neuropathy Level 2 and/or Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist (APT) program.The completion of level 1 & 2 will allow the graduates to apply for Registered Manual Therapy Practitioner (RMTP) from the EBNMP– Canada

Total Hours Faculty Certification Dates Status
150 Hours Ismat Nathani, MSc, DNM AWARDED as a
Ayurvedic NadiVigyan
    • History & Philosophy
    • Introduction to Neurotherapy “Nadi Vigyan”


    1. BETTER LIVING BY NATURE “Prakruti Chikitsa”
    • Nature’s influence on human body, exercises, food & living habits
    • Natural laws of living- environment, diet/ food as medicine, yogic exercises, colours
    • Re-discovering home remedies.
    • The factors effecting health & illness an Ayu-Yoga


    1. PRINCIPLES & THEORIES OF “Nadi Vigyan”
    • Concept of Macrocosm & Microcosm
    • Theory of Tri-doshas –Vata-Pitta-Kapha, it’s role in Nadi Marma therapy
    • The ‘nabi’ (belle button) theory
    • Chakra system & the body mapping


    1. MARMA & NADI
    • Exploring 108 Marma
    • Hands on practice with the 40 major marma
    • Learning the nadi system-
    • Understanding the pathway of prana


    • Method & Modes of treatment, dry, oil, herbs, energy, and physical adjustments
    • Application of hands- feet
    • Regulation of pressure


    • Marma Assessments
    • Visual – tongue, eye, nail, skin
    • Skin Palpation (nabhi diagnosis)
    • General health history
    • Signs & Symptoms



2016 Schedule To Be Announced

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