Program Structure

EBNMP Designations in Ayurveda for CAISH Graduates

EBNMP™ was first formed in 1998 as the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Inc. Its mandate was to service an ever-growing demand for natural medicine health care in Ontario. The founding directors adopted the principles and model of the WHO- (World Health Organization) sanctioned Medicina Alternativa Institute – Alma-Ata 1962 Accord.

In 2003, the founding directors established the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada, affectionately known as EBNMP™ Canada, a Not-for-Profit Corporation #4138929. In order to safeguard the identity and services of EBNMP members, they established trademarked and protected titles such as RNP® – Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner®, and RLMP® – Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner.® Graduate students of CAISH who have fulfilled the necessary hours in the recommended programs will be eligible to apply for the above designations in Canada. EBNMPCanada and CAISH has established an affiliation for scientific and academic exchange. Affiliate # 041106

The program structure laid out here guides students on how to pursue their education and career in Ayurveda and Natural Medicine through CAISH.

RLMP® Designation – 1500 Hours

Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® (RLMP®)

Note that AWC and PPNM 1 can either be taken together or PPNM 1 can be completed after AAWC. However in order to complete RLMP designation all  the of four programs are necessary.

RNP® Designation – 2500 Hours [CAISH Offers 2600 Hours Program]

Registered Naturotherapy Practitioners® (RNP®)

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