Ayurvedic Self and Community Care (ASCC) – Ayurveda 101

The Ayurvedic Self and Community Care program is a one-of-a-kind foundation course designed for people who are interested in pursuing Ayurveda for self-care or professional enhancement. This 4-month beginner’s program is a prerequisite for all other Ayurveda programs at CAISH. The program is for those who wish to incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into daily living. It is a hands-on, self-developmental program that will teach you the fundamental principles and practices of Ayurvedic care in combination with its sister science, Yoga.

Ayurvedic Wellness Educator (AWE) Level 1

The Ayurvedic Wellness Educator program is an intermediate, in-depth transformational learning journey. The 6-month program teaches a comprehensive Ayurvedic education. Upon completion, students will be CAISH AWARDED as an Ayurvedic Health Educator. Students will gain a strong knowledge of Ayurvedic philosophy, theory and principles incorporating the mind, body, spirit and senses for health and wellbeing.

Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance Approved

In this program, participants learn to teach hatha yoga for wellness, deepen their own practice and gain a life skill. The program promotes compassion, appreciation and gratitude. In addition, it strengthens the relationship with one’s own inner guiding voice, as well as with one’s connection with nature. If you are searching for the answer to the question: “Who am I?” this program may contain the answers you seek. The program runs for 20 days over a period of eight months.

Marma Nadi Therapy “Chikitsa”

Marma Nadi Chikitsa is a rare and unique course for those who wish to explore the connectivity of the physical and subtle bodies within the ancient wisdom of Nadi Vigyan. It is a hands-on, inner empowerment course that will teach you the uniqueness and power of the human being and the subtle pathways to healing.