Where Healers and the Community Study Ayurveda in Toronto/GTA, Canada

A 5,000-Year-Old Medicine System Gives You the Tools for Total Wellness

Whether you’re an established health practitioner or a holistic health enthusiast, the study of Ayurvedic medicine will have a dramatic impact on your own wellness and that of anyone you share it with. CAISH has been a leading education organization for Ayurveda since 2002, providing various levels of study and community learning programs for over 15 years.

Why Study Ayurveda at CAISH?

The Ayurvedic education at CAISH presents a curriculum that includes all the Indian Medicine systems: Ayurveda, Yoga and Indian naturopathy—combined with Western nutrition, herbology and healing arts. This integration of healing sciences provides students with a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern practicality. CAISH is also the only organization outside of India that offers a specialized program in Indian energy medicine, or Nadi-Marma Vigyan.

Courses are provided in a supportive and inspiring environment, led by amazing faculty members who are highly qualified in their areas of teaching. Our student-centered, hands-on training ensures you will remember and apply what you’ve learned. Our contemporary and innovative approach makes this ancient healing art relevant to your life in this modern age.

Healers, Therapists, Yoga or Fitness Instructors: Balance Your Practice by Studying Ayurvedic Medicine

As a wellness advisor, you care about people and want to help. That’s why you chose wellness—or rather, why it chose you. Your clients trust you and ask for your guidance in many areas of health. You may want to provide more advice, but don’t have time to waste with the latest diet and lifestyle fads. Your time for study is precious. If you want solutions for the various health issues your clients are facing, consider training in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words meaning Life Knowledge. Isn’t that what you’re pursuing—and dispensing—every day? Adding Ayurveda to your practice can have a dramatic impact on the overall wellness of all your clients, no matter where the conversations lead. Your new foundation of knowledge will both enhance your current practice and add to the services you can provide. There are few healing sciences with the all-encompassing reach and proven effectiveness of Ayurveda.

Graduates of our Ayurvedic medicine programs gain not only certifications and diplomas, but also tremendous learning and a reputation by association with the CAISH organization. CAISH practices the benchmark educational standards set by WHO and AYUSH, and meets the licensing requirements for those who wish to practice in Canada and the United States.

Everyday Healers: The Local Community Benefits When You Learn Ayurveda

CAISH offers education and information that empowers the Toronto community with self-healing and wellness-enhancing tools. Our community programs and workshops are geared toward the climate and lifestyles within Canada and address common health issues in our Canadian communities. With the help of our partners and sponsors, many of our community events are free or require a small fee.

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Community members interested in learning Ayurveda for self-care or who are curious about professional prospects would do well to enroll in our foundational course: Fundamentals of Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Self & Community Care (ASCC). This course is a prerequisite for all other Ayurveda programs at CAISH. Even if you don’t pursue a career in Ayurvedic medicine, this program allows you to incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into daily living.

CAISH is proud to offer a home for Ayurvedic study and care in our facilities serving the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, the most populated province in Canada. Students and wellness clinic clients alike can expect a modern-day approach to the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with the both the highest authenticity and standards of care. Community education, outreach programs, and advanced training are offered in partnership with local organizations and reputable institutes in India. All products sold in our apothecary are subject to quality, potency and ethical standards.