Marma Nadi Therapy “Chikitsa”

Marma Nadi Chikitsa is a rare and unique course for those who wish to explore the connectivity of the physical and subtle bodies within the ancient wisdom of Nadi Vigyan. It is a hands-on, inner empowerment course that will teach you the uniqueness and power of the human being and the subtle pathways to healing.


History and philosophy of energy healing


Rediscovering home remedies


Connectivity between chakras and marmas


Energy healing


Balancing prana flow


Hands-on practice


A desire to be a healer.


$1,950 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Duration of the Program:

12 weeks; Ten (10) Wednesday classes from 12 pm – 4 pm; Two (2) Sunday classes from 10 am – 5 pm

Hours of Study Breakdown

60 hours in class and 40 hours of home practice and reading.

Application Process:

Apply Here

Scope of Practice:

Insights gained from this course will be an asset to healers and bodywork therapists. The focus of this course is the uniqueness of human body and the prana pathway via the subtle energy centers.

What’s Next?

Total Hours Faculty Certification start Date Payment
100 Hours Ismat Nathani, MSc, DNM Marma Nadi Therapy – 100 hrs March 20, 2019 APPLY NOW
  • Overview of Traditional Indian Medicine
  • Better Living by Nature
  • Principles & Theories of Marma Nadi Chikitsa
  • Healing Techniques “Chikitsa”
  • Assessments
  • Hands-On Practice